Easily connect to your Foscam IP cameras with this lightweight Java library. One command is all it takes. FoscamAPI is suitable for all Foscam IP cameras. It is tested on the FI9900P.

// Connect to the camera
Foscam camera = new Foscam("", 88, "username", "password");

// Do whatever you want

Supported devices

All IP cameras are known to support FoscamAPI, but there are some exceptions: These exceptions are also described in the Javadoc.

Maven dependency

Use FoscamAPI in your Maven project.


  <!-- If you're using Maven3, specify version num -->

Gradle dependency

Use FoscamAPI in your Gradle or Android Studio project.

repositories {
    maven {
        url "https://raw.github.com/hypothermic/foscamapi/mvn-repo/"

dependencies {
    // Note: use 'api' instead of 'compile' if you're using Android Studio.
    compile group: 'nl.hypothermic', name: 'foscamlib', version: '1.07-RELEASE'


If you are having issues with FoscamAPI or any component:
  1. Make sure your camera firmware is up to date. Do not ignore this step.
  2. Check the Javadoc or the GitHub Pages if you are using the method correctly.
  3. Open an issue where you describe the problem you're having. Include your camera model and firmware version.


Changes made in the latest versions: See full changelog

Common sources

Useful information for fellow developers:

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